Grace Cupper


MA Creative Enterprise - Art 

Screen Recording

Typed Inner Monologue


Hypothetical Exhibition Space 

Digital Drawing, Image and Text

Three Paintings
Acrylic and Emulsion on MDF Board
8.3 x 11.7 inches

As a way of gathering, sorting and reflecting on experiences, Grace records conversations from her environment alongside continuous line drawings, patterns and colours, to create a public visual diary. Flowing words, an accumulation of phrases and overheard conversation, reflect feelings of information overload and anxiety caused by a constantly changing, often overwhelming world. Obsessive pattern making emulates repetitive thoughts, a restless mind. The culmination of these elements aims to create a vibrant, complex and exciting visual experience. Exploring the boundary between internal and external self, privacy and exposure, language and drawing, hopes to evoke a sense of intrusion by the viewer whilst creating an open, shared experience. 

Artist Statement 
Studio Shot
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Grace Cupper: 4Minutes 18Seconds